January 01, 2021

The Duckhunt app was created within the span of 4 days. It utilizes web based technologies to achieve a very quick proof of concept. I wanted to produce a fun experience for my partner on her birthday which was coming up.

When playing the game you must find all the ducks that have been scattered around an area. Each "hunt" could be configured to have a parking location and up to 11 ducks. Each duck would have a unique QR code to identify them. Once hidden a duck could have text, images and map coordinates attached to help players locate the hidden duck.

After starting a "hunt" the player would get a list of obscured duck names which would be revealed once found. When the player finds a duck they would tap the "I found a duck" button allowing them to scan the QR code.

If the player managed to find all the ducks they would get some kind of animated image displayed at the end to congratulate them.

Programming Languages
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