Lucid Games Logo
Multiplayer Programmer
Lucid Games is an independent studio developing cutting edge games. Established over a decade ago they have big ideas and the skills to deliver them. In this role I hope to expand upon my knowledge of gameplay and network programming. Multiplayer games have always been a source of passion for me personally, so having landed a position working on just that is a dream come true.2022 - Present
Redrow Logo
Senior Web Developer
Redrow is one of the largest British housebuilders with a network of 15 operational divisions across the UK. In this role I have written web applications using Angular, .NET and SQL. My four years with Redrow has given me a strong grounding in and appreciation for the Web Industry, extending beyond programming to include the wider fundamental principles of good website design and project management. The role has provided valuable professional development opportunities, enhanced my personal network and allowed me to gain rewarding experiences working closely with other professional staff on a multitude of projects.2018 - 2022
Static Shell Studios Logo
Programmer and Founder
I founded Static Shell Studios along with two 3D artists to develop indie games. Our shared belief is that good ideas can come from short deadlines based on a theme. Undertaking many different time-critical game projects, I have built up my skills using Unreal Engine 4. Collaborating with others to conceive and realise a defined game outcome has also provided me first-hand experience in creative design development, project management and teamwork, providing me with valuable skills readily translatable to my professional role.2016 - Present
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